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Bangkok Comic Con x Thailand Comic Con 2018

Bangkok Comic Con x Thailand Comic Con 2018

“Hero Entertainment under TrueVisions Group” joins hands with “Hobbie PLUS” to bring
“Bangkok Comic Con and Thailand Comic Con 2018,”
SEA’s greatest comic con event, to Thailand on 27-29 April 2018 at Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon

Bangkok, 28 November 2017: TrueVisions Group Company Limited and Hobbie PLUS Company Limited, two of Thailand’s biggest comic con organizers, announce the organization of “Bangkok Comic Con and Thailand Comic Con 2018,” the greatest pop culture festival in South East Asia. TrueVisions, the number one provider of U.S. Hollywood content, and Hobbie PLUS, a leading provider of content from Japan and other Asian countries, will bring their strengths in a spectacular phenomenon and an important cooperation in Thailand’s comic con industry.  

“Bangkok Comic Con and Thailand Comic Con 2018” will be held on 27-29 April 2018 at Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon, and it’s an event you can’t miss!

Ong-ard Prapakamol, Directors of The Board TrueVisions Group, says of the joint organization, “Pop culture has spread across the world, including Asia. In Thailand, the first comic con event was held in 2014, and it has been growing ever since. Comic con events have attracted an overwhelming number of fans of movies, series, comic books, anime, and toys among others. We, as the organizers, want to give the fans the greatest comic con experience ever. True Visions and Hobbie PLUS, two giants in the comic con industry, team up to join the two events to create the greatest comic con phenomenon in the region. 

“The cooperation began because both of our companies have different strengths and specialize in different things. While we at TrueVisions Group stand out in Hollywood content and that from the Western part of the world, Hobbie PLUS is the best at Japanese and Asian content. Together, it’s not 1+1 = 2 for us, but over 4 or 5. The spectacular event is aimed to attract both Hollywood content lovers and collectors of Japan’s anime figures, so an overwhelming number of fans are expected to join the event. Actually, we estimate that the three-day event will attract more than 100,000 visitors. 

“We also aim at creating new standards of shows in Thailand, which can be built on and drive the market to grow even much, much more. We are extremely ready to organize such events in other South East Asian countries in the near future, in addition to highly successful Jakarta Comic Con.”

Chanvit Vittayasamrit, Board of director at Hobbie PLUS, unveils some interesting element of the event, saying, “The cooperation is like East Meets West. Visitors to the event will see the unseen, as this is an event of the best pop culture events from Hollywood and premium pop culture events from Japan, all in one place. Fans will have a chance to meet famous Hollywood stars and renowned Japanese idols, while cartoon characters will take the stages with shows throughout the three days. There will be a grand cosplay contest, games and competitions, and displays of collections and limited edition figures for you to enjoy watching and buying exclusively at this event!” 

“Bangkok Comic Con and Thailand Comic Con 2018,” the greatest comic con event in South East Asia, offers all aspects of entertainment you can’t miss! Taking place at Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon, on 27-29 April 2018, the event welcomes families and visitors of all genders and ages. 

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